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January 2013 Career Horoscope

Think Outside the Box

Every year begins on a somewhat serious note because the Sun is in dutiful Capricorn. However, the clarity of purpose and sense of dedication of this sign is blended with innovation and originality this year, so that commitment and discipline work best when establishing new skills and methods, rather than sticking to the usual routine.

Mars is the planet of action, so it describes the way to get things done. It spends all of January in unconventional Aquarius, where originality reigns and following rules is resisted. We're immediately struck with fresh ideas as cerebral Mercury squares revolutionary Uranus on January 3, followed by a high-energy trine between muscular Mars and enthusiastic Jupiter on January 4.

Stretching our minds is appropriate, but out-of-the-box thinking gets grounded quickly when Mercury joins pressure-packed Pluto and aspects serious Saturn on January 6, and when Mars runs into a wall of Saturnian resistance on January 7. We might feel stifled and we may resent the control others and circumstances impose on us. Yet, these squeezing transits are tests of our radical insights and inventive urges.

On January 19, the Sun leaves pragmatic Capricorn to enter Aquarius, allowing us to breathe more freely on the job and to restore confidence in our ability to bring some originality to our work.