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January 2013 Love Horoscope

Order in the courtship

The new year of romance opens on an optimistic note with love's planetary guide Venus in outgoing Sagittarius until January 8. This transit offers another week of playfulness and pleasure when having fun happens without the usual degree of accountability or ambition. Enthusiasm is especially high on the first weekend of the month, starting with passionate Mars' free flowing trine with adventurous Jupiter on Friday, January 4. Even those resolved to being more realistic and responsible in relationships in 2013 may be tempted to over-indulge under the influence of several high-energy patterns. Leaping without looking or, more precisely, speaking without thinking, is another risk at this time.

A shift occurs on January 8 when amorous Venus enters responsible Capricorn where she will put order into relationships for the rest of the month. The transition, though, should be gentle as Venus snuggles up to compassionate Neptune on January 9 in a perfect mix of reality and fantasy.

Surprises and breakthroughs arrive with the love planet's challenging square with erratic Uranus on January 12. Flexibility helps to reduce extreme reactions and shocking behavior. Whatever cracks open then can be buried with denial (not recommended), or examined deeply with a Venus-Pluto conjunction on January 16. It's hard work to face uncomfortable facts and feelings, yet this is a powerful period that can regenerate love and restore self-worth if we're willing to examine ourselves more deeply. The Sun's entry into friendly Aquarius on January 19 is a breath of fresh air that lightens the emotions in a more relaxed atmosphere.