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Aquarius Horoscope: January 2013

Waiting in the Wings

You start the year on an energetic note with dynamic Mars in Aquarius and your 1st House of Physicality, yet obtaining results and recognition for your efforts may not be easy at first. The Sun lurking in the shadows of your 12th House of Secrets until January 19 makes it hard to get noticed. But you might like the privacy, as it may be more comfortable to work outside the glare of the spotlight.

In fact, on January 8 resourceful Venus shifts into well-organized Capricorn and your 12th House of Privacy, suggesting that your most significant personal and professional encounters occur behind closed doors. Discretion in relationships is a must, as exposing intimate issues could be especially embarrassing now. The ambitious Capricorn New Moon on January 11 can spur interest in big projects, but you have a great deal of preparation to do before you can go public with your plans. Completing unfinished business and increasing your efficiency must come first.

Your personal New Year begins on January 19, when brainy Mercury and the confidence-building Sun enter Aquarius. A fresh wave of enthusiasm encourages you to get your body in shape and to start reaching out to more people. Your capacity to engage others in what you're doing expands with the growing force of your personality.

The melodramatic Leo Full Moon in your 7th House of Partners on January 26 forms a tense square with resistant Saturn. However, you can overcome delays, doubts and denial from others with originality as farsighted Jupiter and progressive Uranus align favorably with this lunation to show you new solutions to old problems.

Keep in Mind this Month

Even your most brilliant ideas will fail if they're not rooted in an orderly life that gives you the freedom to take chances without losing your solid footing.

Key Dates for Aquarius


January 3-7: Color Between the Lines

Expect surprising information to arrive -- as well as a sudden change of mind -- with a brilliant but volatile Mercury-Uranus square on January 3. Don't overreact or respond recklessly if your instinct to move quickly is fired up by a high-energy trine between impatient Mars and boundless Jupiter on January 4. This supercharged alignment helps you push your body and sell your ideas with entrepreneurial fervor. But pesky Mercury fakes you out on January 5 with an awkward quincunx to Jupiter that spawns misstatements or prompts you to misconstrue facts. The hammer of reality starts to fall when Mercury joins incisive Pluto on January 6, demanding concentration, exposing flaws, and intensifying communication. The final shot comes with a stern Mars-Saturn square on January 7 that allows no room for errors. Accountability is high, especially at work, but you can garner some hard-earned respect if you demonstrate discipline and patience.

January 30: Work Now, Play Later

Joyful Jupiter's forward turn in your 5th House of Play on January 30 is ready to unlock some chances for fun that have been on hold for too long. But you may have to wait patiently to cash in your golden ticket because a somber Sun-Saturn square dominates the day. Work responsibilities come first and require a level of commitment that doesn't allow much room for distraction.