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Aquarius Career Horoscope: January 2013

Work Behind the Scenes

There are a couple of contrasting trends that require careful management for much of this month. Mars, the planet of aggression and initiative, is in your sign throughout January. This should provide more drive and will encourage you to push yourself harder and come up with original ways to work.

The challenge is that the Sun, which represents will, authority and prominence, is stuck in your relatively obscure 12th House of Privacy until January 19. So you may not get the respect or attention you desire. It's also possible that your self-confidence will not be up to the level of your actions. If you're cool, you can use this time to work behind the scenes and shore up professional alliances. But if you're frustrated by this lack of recognition, you could be tempted to complain, which may not be appreciated.

Sure, your enthusiasm might be off the hook when Mars is fueled by boundless Jupiter on January 4. Your intuition could be giving you a glimpse of the future, but Mars runs into a roadblock from stern Saturn on January 7 that can be frustrating. The point, though, is not to thwart your aspirations, but to put them into practical form by establishing a plan and a schedule needed to turn them into reality.

Brilliant Mercury soars into Aquarius on January 18, followed there by the Sun the next day. These transits light up your 1st House of Personality, restoring a sense of self-importance and charging you up with an even higher dose of creativity.