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Cancer Horoscope: January 2013

The Power of Two

You are ready to take risks at work if you spot a chance to get ahead this month. Unfortunately, the results of your impulsive actions may not live up to your expectations. But collaborating with others can bring slower, yet more reliable, advancement without jeopardizing your current stability.

The Sun and logical Mercury remain in dependable Capricorn and your 7th House of Partners until January 19, indicating that someone has a steadying effect on you. But trickster Mercury squares erratic Uranus in your 10th House of Career on January 3, tempting you to stake your future on a fleeting idea.

When peace-keeping Venus visits your 7th House of Partners on January 8 through February 1, you realize what you must do to get along with others. Unfortunately, a sudden desire for immediate results on January 12 may lead you into radical behavior that creates problems you don't anticipate. Nevertheless, your incisive thinking and relentless follow-though are valuable assets when relationships become intense as passionate Pluto conjuncts insistent Mercury on January 6 and amorous Venus on January 16.

Rely on the conservative advice of a wise friend, business partner or spouse on January 11, as the disciplined Capricorn New Moon falls in your 7th House of Companions. But the New Moon's disquieting aspect with pompous Jupiter encourages you to override common sense and step out on your own. Relationships may grow more complex as the Sun and Mercury enter your 8th House of Deep Sharing on January 19, but good fortune lightens the load on January 22-25. Still, be ready to rein in an extravagant purchase or a carefree lifestyle when the lavish Leo Full Moon on January 26 squares austere Saturn.

Keep in Mind this Month

Although you're typically cautious, you may be itching to make your move now. Thankfully, listening to another person's perspective shows you the value in a more moderate approach.

Key Dates for Cancer

January 1-4: Haste Makes Waste

Someone may talk you into believing a fairy tale on January 1 when cunning Mercury in your 7th House of Others aligns with fanciful Neptune. But you could be overwhelmed from too much information on January 3 as Mercury's dynamic square with brilliant Uranus fills your head with streams of new ideas. The fast pace of conversations, emails, texts, and phone calls can be so exciting that success seems close enough to touch. The buoyant Mars-Jupiter trine on the 4th urges you to act with confidence. A fortunate outcome is likely if you avoid rash behavior, make a sensible plan, and conserve your energy so you can finish what you start.


January 22-26: Integrity Counts

Whatever you think right now can come true as long as you remain flexible with the details. Smooth trines to abundant Jupiter from Mercury on January 22 and from the Sun on January 25 turn the days prior to the theatrical Leo Full Moon into a show of their own. Additional aspects from Mercury and the Sun to irrepressible Uranus on January 22 and January 24 can't help but increase the air of unpredictability. However, on January 26 the Full Moon in your 2nd House of Values urges you not to compromise your core beliefs for the sake of fleeting success.