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Cancer Love Horoscope: January 2013

Room for improvement

Your relationship New Year kicks off on January 8 when the love planet Venus enters your 7th House of Partners. This alluring planet's presence in the part of your chart tends to pull strong-willed people into your orbit. But if you're already with someone, this can represent the need to recommit to your alliance by taking inventory of it and, if necessary, making some changes.

Dealing with matters on a practical level sets a foundation for enhancing emotional ties. There are some interesting twists and turns, though, since sweet Venus often wears a hard shell in serious Capricorn. Integrity and establishing concrete goals are not typically romantic, but are highly valued then. Still, there's spirituality and forgiveness in matters of the heart when Venus aligns in a favorable 60-degree sextile with compassionate Neptune on January 9. That's followed by the Capricorn New Moon on January 11 that can encourage you to be more disciplined and purposeful in pursuit of romance.

Expect a sudden detour, perhaps caused by a change of mood or circumstances the following day when Venus forms a stressful square with unpredictable Uranus. Breakthroughs in pleasure and partnership are possible if you're flexible enough to open to change. However, sudden separation or an unexpected cooling off could happen. But if confusion ensues, you'll find the bottom line when Venus joins intense Pluto on January 16. This is a time of passion and power struggles when you'll be clearer about your needs, and discover what you'll have to do to fulfill them.