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Capricorn Love Horoscope: January 2013

Getting a boost

This is your month, Capricorn, with the Sun warming up your sign until January 19, boosting confidence and enhancing your creativity. If you haven't felt the sweetness yet, you will when romantic Venus enters Capricorn on January 8. The goddess of love and beauty in your sign makes you feel and appear more attractive. And if for some strange reason you don't, paying attention to your look and attitude will show you where you can make adjustments to raise your game. Liking yourself is the key to being appreciated by others, so even if you have fallen short of some of your expectations, take careful note of what you have done to earn more approval and affection.

There are, though, a couple of jumpy days when Venus runs into disruptive outer planets. On January 12 she turns the corner and crashes into shocking Uranus. This can spring surprises in relationships, suddenly altering plans or, on the plus side, opening you to unexpected sources of pleasure. Stretching your tastes could prove to be a successful experiment in meeting a new person or putting more pizzazz into a current relationship.

The heaviest day of the month looks to be January 16 when Venus joins Pluto. This tiny but potent outer planet intensifies partnership issues. Mistrust, fear, shame, and resentment are its unappealing aspects, but depth, power, and desire are its gifts. Learning to let go of people and outmoded expectations may be all it takes to fulfill your deepest needs.