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Leo Horoscope: January 2013

Learning Curve

The year begins with the radiant Sun in your 6th House of Health and Habits, sending strong signals to apply some post-holiday discipline to your personal and professional lives. Vivacious Venus is in Sagittarius and your 5th House of Fun and Games until January 8, making you more than a little reluctant to cut back on pleasure and settle down to work. Yet putting more effort into your job and taking better care of your body will pay dividends throughout the year.

The ambitious Capricorn New Moon in your 6th House of Health on January 11 is another push to be more serious about your career. Right now sharpening your skills can help you climb the ladder of success -- or a lack of training may keep you spinning your wheels with less fulfilling tasks. A steady and persistent approach to self-improvement is more effective than sporadic bursts of activity, so make a plan and stick to it.

Brainy Mercury's conjunction with the Sun on January 18 focuses your thinking and empowers communication. A clear picture of what works in your life and where you need to make adjustments helps you map out a strategy to get the most out of your abilities. On January 19, Mercury and the Sun enter your 7th House of Partnerships and Public Life to put more juice into relationships. Your bright ideas are more likely to land on receptive ears now, attracting open-minded and intelligent people.

The audacious Leo Full Moon on January 26 tempts you to put all your cards on the table boldly, yet savvy Saturn's stressful square indicates the importance of sharing information selectively rather than exposing your unfiltered feelings naively to everyone.

Keep in Mind this Month

Buckling down and studying hard to be a good student of your craft may be humbling now, but you'll be proud of your accomplishments later.

Key Dates for Leo


January 4-7: Building Your Base

Expect a little help from your friends on January 4, when energetic Mars in your 7th House of Partners forms an enterprising trine with magnanimous Jupiter in your 11th House of Colleagues. You'll find it essential to balance high expectations with an eye for details, because a scrutinizing Mercury-Pluto conjunction on January 6 can cause failure due to a minor matter. Stern Saturn either slams the brakes on your ambitions with a harsh square to Mars on January 7 or carefully establishes a rock-solid foundation built on strict guidelines and meticulous methods.

January 30: Reality Check

Creative projects and friendly relations grind to a halt as the Sun forms a tense square with restrictive Saturn. Perhaps you were too hopeful about an arrangement and didn't fully consider its emotional consequences. If you're unsatisfied, it's better to stop now rather than forcing yourself to go ahead out of a sense of obligation. Propitious Jupiter is turning direct today, which is a reminder that other opportunities lie ahead, making it easier to learn and accept hard lessons right now.