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Libra Horoscope: January 2013

From the Ground Up

The key to getting this year off to a good start is taking care of personal business and attending to home and family matters. Turn some of your attention away from the outer world to address inner issues with the transits of fast-moving Mercury, Venus and the Sun in your 4th House of Roots this month.

Resourceful Venus, your magnetic ruling planet, enters responsible Capricorn on January 8, reminding you to be more disciplined and patient. Love and approval may not be given easily now, but you can earn them with hard work and commitment.

On January 11, the Capricorn New Moon lands in your 4th House of Roots, inspiring you to be more ambitious and set higher goals for yourself. Managing your time more effectively and bringing order to your home establishes the solid foundation you need to fulfill those aspirations.

You're in a playful mood on January 19, when the confident Sun and chatty Mercury shift into quirky Aquarius and your 5th House of Self-Expression. Your creativity grows when you're willing to try out new ideas and take the risk of looking foolish.

Romance could arrive in unexpected ways, like falling for someone who seems totally inappropriate for you. Yet love flourishes when you open your heart in situations that seem strange and that you don't fully understand. Experimenting with your current partner or with someone new gives you the freedom to explore your feelings without needing to control the outcome.

The bold Leo Full Moon shines in your team-oriented 11th House on January 26, pushing you into prominence in a group situation or bringing a conflict with a friend or colleague to a head.

Keep in Mind this Month

If you can avoid the rush to instant gratification, you've reached a higher level of maturity, and you'll be rewarded with greater satisfaction down the road.

Key Dates for Libra

January 6-7: Buried Treasure

Focus on healing an old wound right now, rather than wallowing in the pain of denial or dishonesty. Certainly, dealing with such complex emotional issues isn't easy, but analytical Mercury's conjunction with penetrating Pluto on January 6 creates a good time to face hard facts that have been hidden from view. The communication planet's supportive sextile with reliable Saturn indicates that insight into your personal history can untangle knots of mistrust that have blocked your progress. Yet awareness means nothing without action, and energetic Mars' stressful square to Saturn on January 7 shows you where to concentrate your effort. A deeper understanding of your untapped talent can supply the devotion required to bear down and begin to fulfill this potential.


January 16-17: Basic Instincts

Your peacemaking planet Venus runs into provocative Pluto on January 16 to strip away politeness and lead you to the heart of desire. Harmony at home and the approval of others are less important than connecting with your deepest needs and recognizing what you must do to fulfill them. Your ability to tap into underused personal resources is reinforced with Venus' favorable sextile to disciplined Saturn on January 17. Passion and reason align to increase your efficiency and put you on a more productive path.