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Pisces Horoscope: January 2013

It Takes a Village

Cultivating your relationships with friends and colleagues is especially important this month, while the Sun is in orderly Capricorn and your 11th House of Groups. Hard work, patience and commitment also prove more rewarding with loving Venus' entry into Capricorn on January 8.

The disciplined Capricorn New Moon on January 11 lands in your 11th House of Groups. The patterns you set now with allies will either make your relationships more productive or reduce trust if you can't get past self-interest. You'll find it easier to stick to a well-designed plan when it's part of a team effort; more gets done when you know that others are relying on you and also watching your back.

You may long for solitude when thoughtful Mercury and the Sun enter quirky Aquarius and your 12th House of Privacy on January 19. Give yourself plenty of time to think without the pressure of explaining yourself to others. This is a period for inner reflection, meditation and spiritual experiences that needn't be translated into words. If you feel like you're being overlooked, don't mourn the lack of attention; revel in the peace that lets your imagination run free.

In fact, your reverie is likely to be interrupted when the theatrical Leo Full Moon on January 26 brightens your 6th House of Work, casting you in the spotlight thanks to your leadership and creative abilities. Plans that have been put on hold start to move forward again and your natural optimism returns when your traditional ruling planet Jupiter turns direct on January 30.

Keep in Mind this Month

Successful collaboration requires mutual trust that everyone is working to achieve the same goal. Feeling sorry for others or covering for their mistakes doesn't help anyone.

Key Dates for Pisces

January 10-12: The Trouble with Love

You may experience relationship breakthroughs and discover new sources of pleasure during these few days, yet unplanned experiences can be upsetting. A sympathetic sextile between Venus and Neptune takes the hard edge off relationships on January 10. Unfortunately, wishful thinking could be costly and confusing with a Mercury-Neptune semisquare. You're apt to see life as you want it to be with the blind optimism of the ambitious Capricorn New Moon that is sesquisquare to outlandish Jupiter on January 11. Misinterpretations of reality might even lead to financial or social surprises when indulgent Venus crashes into an explosive square with erratic Uranus on January 12.


January 25-26: Incurable Optimist

A lucky Sun-Jupiter trine on January 25 raises your confidence so high you don't have to shout to make yourself heard. A big-picture perspective shows you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Faith in yourself is well founded and earns you more trust from others. Still, an unbalanced Venus-Jupiter sesquisquare on January 26 may prompt a premature celebration. Spending too much money or overestimating the value of others may seem generous, but it might not be the wisest move.