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Pisces Love Horoscope: January 2013

You vs. them

Your social life may be wrapped up with the activities of others for much of this month. January opens with the Sun in Capricorn and your 11th House of Groups. This can be favorable for doing things with friends or within organizations. Yet it might also seem like you have less control as others tend to set the social agenda.

Going off in your own direction is likely when assertive Mars trines your traditional ruling planet Jupiter on January 4. This might be about some forbidden forms of pleasure, though, as Mars is scurrying through your 12th House of Secrets while Jupiter is moving retrograde. If you or another person is violating a confidence or breaking rules, the consequences of careless actions can come quickly. That's because Sheriff Saturn, the planet of law and order, makes a formidable square with Mars on January 7. Yet even if you hit a wall then, there's help on the way. Alluring Venus forms a favorable sextile with your modern ruler Neptune on January 9. This is ideal for forgiveness and compassion, helping to salve wounds and overcome conflicts. This is also a romantic pairing that can spur images and dreams of idyllic love.

Chatty Mercury is heated up by optimistic Jupiter on January 22 to facilitate conversations and fill your head with plenty of ideas. If they're unrealistic, though, Saturn's square to Mercury on January 25 can put you back in your place.