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Scorpio Love Horoscope: January 2013

The romantic rollercoaster

While there will be moments of intensity this month, you're likely feeling cooler than usual now. That's because your passionate ruling planet Mars spends January in chilly Aquarius where thinking tends to dominate feelings. This doesn't, though, have to take the fun out of your personal life; it just allows you to be a bit more laid back. Freedom may be more important to you than going as far as you can with another individual.

On January 4, energetic Mars aligns favorably with adventurous Jupiter, which is excellent for seeking out new and different kinds of people and experiences. Your enthusiasm can be high as you let down your guard to play with less concern for what might go wrong. Still, on January 6 mental Mercury joins your modern ruler Pluto to intensify conversations. Suspicious thinking is possible as secrets may play a role in relationships. On the plus side, this deep transit helps you look below the surface to expose hidden feelings and desires. If you like what you find, you'll be ready to fight for it, but if you're disappointed, it might be time to let go and invest your emotions elsewhere.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 lands in your chatty 3rd House of Communication, which is useful for clearing your thoughts and having serious conversations. January 16 is another key date because amorous Venus joins Pluto then. Resentment can rise if you're unsatisfied with your love life, but this is a reminder that some changes of expectations, attitude or behavior may be needed to bring you closer to satisfaction.