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Taurus Horoscope: January 2013

State Your Intentions

Starting the year with your feet firmly on the ground is important to you because three planets in orderly Capricorn emphasize your innate need for stability. The lingering effects of a cooperative sextile between persistent Saturn and potent Pluto that was exact on December 26, 2012, give you the stamina to take on a heavy workload this month.

Your analytical skills are especially sharp on January 6, when logical Mercury joins Pluto in your 9th House of Future Vision. Your desire to achieve success grows stronger on January 8, as your key planet, Venus, enters Capricorn. The calculating Capricorn New Moon on January 11 plants a seed for the upcoming cycle, with five planets now congregating in your inspirational 9th House of Future Vision. However, reality can throw you an exciting yet destabilizing curveball on January 12, when attractive Venus dynamically squares anything-can-happen Uranus.

Suppressed passions push into awareness on January 16-17, deepening the bonds of a partnership as loving Venus joins unwavering Pluto and is strengthened by stabilizing Saturn. Fortunately, you're able to put your theories into practice when brainy Mercury and the radiant Sun enter conceptual Aquarius and your 10th House of Career on January 19.

Although harmonious aspects from Mercury and the Sun to independent Uranus and broad-minded Jupiter on January 22-25 allow you to advance comfortably into new territory, stressful squares to restrictive Saturn on January 25 and January 30 set obstacles in your path that could require you to make difficult decisions. Meanwhile, the self-centered Leo Full Moon on January 26 illuminates your 4th House of Roots, shifting your attention away from your career and toward more personal concerns.

Keep in Mind this Month

Setting goals can be tricky if your aspirations are unrealistic, because you could end up disappointed. Still, you must stretch beyond your comfort zone to experience meaningful growth.

Key Dates for Taurus

January 3-4: Think Outside the Box

Your neurons are firing rapidly, connecting the facts in unexpected ways when mental Mercury squares electrifying Uranus on January 3. Just remember that your thinking may be unreliable, with ideas heading off in one direction, only to end up somewhere totally different. Instead of attempting to control the process, follow your intuition and enjoy unusual perspectives without too many expectations. Fortunately, propitious Jupiter forms a smooth trine to inexhaustible Mars in your 10th House of Status on January 4; you can expect a productive outcome from your mental gymnastics, no matter where you land.


January 22-26: A Thrill a Minute

You can demonstrate your brilliance with new projects at work when clever Mercury forms a supportive sextile with erratic Uranus and a free-flowing trine with lucky Jupiter on January 22. However, you could feel as if you have so much information you don't know where to begin. Exciting opportunities continue to come your way as the Sun follows suit with its sextile to Uranus on January 24 and trine to Jupiter on January 25. Fortunately, you are able to move beyond your inclination to resist change and adapt to the transforming landscape. Nevertheless, you may reach your limit, announcing your intentions to return to stable ground as the dramatic Leo Full Moon on January 26 overwhelms you with emotions. However, attempts to retreat will only lead to frustration. It's never wise to get off the ride while it's moving so fast.