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Virgo Career Horoscope: January 2013

Stretch Your Mind

Creativity and practicality go hand in hand in January with the Sun in productive Capricorn and your 5th House of Self-Expression. This is an excellent combination for demonstrating your competence and originality, especially with your cerebral ruling planet Mercury also in this part of your chart.

You may encounter surprises on January 3, when Mercury makes an edgy square with revolutionary Uranus. The positive side can be a breakthrough idea or unexpected connection, yet the challenges include unexpected shifts of plans and shocking conversations. Avoid over-reacting, either positively or negatively, because Mercury will really show you the score when it joins intense Pluto on January 6.

This aspect can reveal secrets if you're willing to dig below the surface. You might uncover untapped resources or discover that information is being withheld from you. But this pattern is also favorable for concentrating your attention and expressing yourself with focus and passion that makes a powerful impression on others.

On January 18, Mercury enters unconventional and idealistic Aquarius, which is another source of original ideas that may push you to stretch your mind. This transit is followed by the Sun's entry into Aquarius and your 6th House of Systems on January 19. Adapting to different work situations is your challenge, although you can turn this into an opportunity to show how sharp you are when you come up with new methods for getting tasks done. Dealing with unusual individuals is another possibility, one that requires an open mind and a less critical attitude to maintain harmony and cooperation.