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January 2014 Career Horoscope

Patience is key

The year gets off to a potentially bumpy start with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 1. This cycle-starting event sets the tone for the next 28 days, which is likely to be a very intense time. Manipulative Pluto joins this Sun-Moon conjunction while revolutionary Uranus and assertive Mars form stressful squares to it. While power struggles, anger and irritability are downsides of this lunation, bold ideas pursued with patience can lead to radical career breakthroughs. Just make sure to put passion into creative concepts for moving ahead instead of wasting it by fighting back against others.

Fortunately, doing your best to repair professional relationships is a constructive activity this month with sociable Venus stuck in retrograde until January 31. This backward period of the planet of peace, partnership and resources is useful for reconnecting with people from the past and smoothing out connections with current colleagues and customers. This reversal period occurs in ambitious and orderly Capricorn, making it critical to stick to commitments in order to maintain or earn respect. Being liked is less valuable than demonstrating reliability, organizational skills and the willingness to work through difficult situations to achieve a goal.

The Sun's presence in authoritative Capricorn until January 19 underscores the importance of having a plan and pursuing it with patience. Then the solar shift into quirky Aquarius begins a 30-day timeframe when sharing responsibility and being a cooperative co-worker becomes especially important while having an open mind and a willingness to explore unusual ideas are assets on the job.

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