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Aquarius Horoscope: January 2014

Out of the Shadows

You could accomplish more early this month by staying in the background and avoid taking on new projects or personal obligations. Private time allows you to tie up loose ends and have the distance needed to look at your life with a broader perspective. If you feel ignored, don't fight for attention unless it's an absolute necessity. While others may be getting the glory, you're taking care of business in quiet ways and supporting family, friends and colleagues who need your help.

This quiet phase starts to shift on January 11 when intellectual Mercury leaves controlling Capricorn and enters your innovative sign. The messenger planet's presence in Aquarius and your 1st House of Personality sharpens your mind and your tongue. Thinking outside the box lets you impress people with your originality.

The sensitive Cancer Full Moon on January 16 lands in your 6th House of Employment, requiring a more delicate touch on the job. A lack of satisfaction in your work could trigger a crisis that challenges you to change your patterns or to think about seeking fulfillment elsewhere. Just don't allow one dramatic event to trigger a reaction that you might regret.

You're likely to feel more empowered starting on January 19 when the Sun makes its annual return to Aquarius, providing you with more physical energy. If you don't feel it right away, you should sense it by the time of your birthday. Your confidence grows with this solar power at the front door of your chart, spurring you to take the initiative in relationships and to demonstrate your leadership qualities. Being bolder in expressing yourself makes sense, as well, since your creativity and courage are on the rise.

Keep in Mind this Month

It's wiser to wait on the sidelines and prepare yourself carefully than to jump into a commitment before you're ready. Do your homework, research and rehearse before making a big move.

Key Dates for Aquarius


January 16: Genius at Work

Your brain works at a very high level as cerebral Mercury forms a smart sextile with your ingenious ruling planet Uranus. You can see patterns others miss and even present old ideas with such flair that they sound like they're brand new.

January 29: Try a Little Tenderness

The Aquarius Sun's sweet sextile with electrifying Uranus increases your magnetism. What makes you so appealing is your sense of freedom and willingness to explore ideas and act in ways that are totally unique.

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