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Aries Horoscope: January 2014

Work Comes First

Career issues take priority for much of January with the Sun in productive Capricorn and your 10th House of Profession until January 19. Patience and persistence are essential for maximizing the power of this ambitious sign. However, there may be some repairs needed in working relationships with sociable Venus Retrograde in this part of your chart until January 31. This is a chance to regain trust and upgrade others' evaluation of you by taking responsibility for what's happened in the past and demonstrating your reliability in the present.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 1 also emphasizes your career. This Sun-Moon conjunction, though, is far from the stabilizing influence that we usually expect from this cautious Earth sign. That's because disruptive aspects from provocative Pluto, rebellious Uranus, impulsive Mars, and excessive Jupiter make this a highly volatile event. Sudden shifts in your work life are distinct possibilities, but it's wiser to use these forces to propel yourself in an exciting new direction than to bog down in battles where you are. Seeking a different job or vocation doesn't have to start immediately but is a reasonable goal to start thinking about now.

The Sun's shift into Aquarius and your 11th House of Groups on January 19 may take some burden off your shoulders. Instead of feeling like you have to carry the load alone, this move will bring more chances to connect with supportive people who can lighten your burden. Getting involved with a cause is another positive way to use this idealistic transit. Just avoid getting so carried away by your beliefs when opinionated Jupiter opposes extreme Pluto on January 31.

Keep in Mind this Month

Even if you're restless at work or fed up with a person in charge, it's wise to make a plan before making an impulsive move.

Key Dates for Aries


January 7-8: The Right Way to Fight

Your aggressive ruling planet Mars is triggered by the Moon on January 7 and forms a tense square with limitless Jupiter on January 9 that could turn a minor difference of opinion into a major battle. But learning how to disagree without being disagreeable lets you speak your peace with starting a war.

January 16: Try a Little Tenderness

A spicy square between Venus and Mars is sassy and seductive, making the line between flirting and fighting difficult to see. Be aware of who you're playing with to avoid irritating a vulnerable person who might misread your intentions.

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