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Aries Career Horoscope for January 2014

Step backwards for progress

Expect some shakeups in your professional life this month. The Capricorn New Moon on January 1 is very powerful and lands in your 10th House of Career. While acting with impatience or showing aggression is not recommended, being bolder in your thinking makes perfect sense. That's because potent Pluto, radical Uranus, mental Mercury and your assertive planet Mars are all connected to this union of the Sun and Moon. Power struggles with authority figures or finding that other people are strongly reacting to your control are possibilities.

It takes a calm spirit and a cool head to deal with these potential challenges without adding fuel to the fire. Tempering your impulsive side makes great sense under these pressure packed circumstances unless you're willing to blow things up as a way to clear the decks and start all over somewhere else or even in a completely different field. If you're upset about previous job-related events, sociable Venus is in reverse in your 10th house until January 31. This is a time to go back and pick up on missed opportunities and to put in the effort needed to restore peace in working relationships.

Your instinct to battle for the truth is strong around January 8 when Mars forms a tense square with expansive Jupiter. Saying too much and reaching too far are possible, but if you can tone down your opinions just a little bit, you will have more than enough energy left over to take on a new project, promote a cause or make plans to advance your education.

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