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Aries Love Horoscope for January 2014

Be vocal

With Venus Retrograde until January 31, romance might not be your first priority. Because love planet Venus is the ruler of your partnership sector, it's possible you and your mate will spend a large chunk of time this month reassessing the practicality of your union. If it "works" then it'll continue to work for you both. If you're feeling a greater sense of disconnection with your love, however, it'll be time to make your concerns known. Any insecurity about what you're each contributing to the relationship may need to be addressed as well; whether it's physical tasks, financial obligations or anything else that doesn't seem balanced.

Mars, your ruler, will continue to move through your relationship sector, aggravating any existing problems you may have between you and your honey. The good news is that with Mars here, you'll also be motivated to take a proactive approach in solving them -- even it means the two of you need to have a blow out first. In fact, it's possible a quarrel will get out of hand near January 16, when Venus and Mars square off.

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If single, there are gorgeous prospects for romance at the tail end of the month, highlighted by a New Moon on January 30, and followed by Venus Direct on January 31. Because this is a lunation in tech-friendly Aquarius, try your hand at online dating or flirting with someone you have a crush on who is on one of your social media pages. A cyber conversation on January 17 and again on January 29 just might lead to romance!