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Cancer Horoscope: January 2014

Emotional Intelligence

Don't look back because the future, particularly in relationships, could look very different from the past this month. January starts with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 1 that falls in your 7th House of Others. This is usually an orderly event that's more about tidying up alliances than tearing them down. Yet this lunation is challenged by tense planetary aspects from revolutionary Uranus, provocative Pluto, pushy Mars, and excessive Jupiter that are likely to stir restless feelings and spring surprises.

If you're in a partnership, it's better to shake it up than to try to hold it down. Invite change, be the change and connections in your personal and professional life will be more exciting. Sure, it's risky to break patterns, yet bold thoughts and actions can free you from boredom and could even advance your professional interests.

Your ability to understand unconventional behavior or values different than your own grows when brainy Mercury flies into quirky Aquarius and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on January 11, followed there by the Sun on January 19. An open mind is your invitation to intimacy and even more powerful business partnerships. Trust your instincts around the Full Moon in Cancer on January 15. Your emotions can be very strong then but you should know how to turn those feelings in a constructive direction.

Stabilizing Saturn forms a favorable trine to the Moon and supportive sextile to the Sun, which provides reason and common sense. In fact, you might be particularly skilled at transforming a potentially losing situation into a winning one by focusing on key points and ignoring minor issues.

Keep in Mind this Month

You can't control other people and you certainly don't want them controlling you. Establishing new rules in relationships is one way to provide both freedom and safety.

Key Dates for Cancer


January 5: More is Not Always Better

The Capricorn Sun's opposition to expansive Jupiter in Cancer may increase your appetite for life but if your expectations and expenses are extravagant, you might regret going so far.

January 31: Battling for Your Beliefs

Philosophical Jupiter in your sign makes you passionate about your beliefs but could go to extremes when opposing intense Pluto. Speaking your truth is important -- just be careful of where and how you do it.

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