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Cancer Career Horoscope for January 2014

Talk it out

2014 starts out on a dramatic note with the authoritative Capricorn New Moon in your 7th House of Others on January 1. While this can lead to making fresh connections and possibly going public with an unconventional project, there's a baseline of tension that needs to be addressed with as much calm and common sense as you can bring to it.

Stored up emotions might explode with volatile Uranus, provocative Pluto and aggressive Mars making stressful aspects to this Sun-Moon conjunction. While it can be healthy to bring unresolved issues to the surface, a minor matter could quickly explode into a major one if you lose your cool. Before you make any significant moves it's wise to talk to someone you trust who doesn't have a stake in the problem. A bit of objective advice could go a long way toward helping you to diffuse a touchy situation.

On the plus side, this lunation should put you in contact with new people, open potential markets and present unexpected professional opportunities. You may have to change the way you operate, though, to benefit from these circumstances. On January 15 the Full Moon lands in your sensitive sign, which can intensify your feelings and arouse insecurities. Yet this is also a signal to balance the pressure you're feeling from the outside with healthy activities you can do for yourself. Putting time and effort into taking care of your body and attending to personal matters will help to create a peaceful state that lowers stress and increases creativity.

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