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Capricorn Horoscope: January 2014

A New Look

Your year is getting off to a wild start with an intense Capricorn New Moon on January 1. This Sun-Moon conjunction can push you in strange directions, attract surprising events and provoke strong emotions. You may be tempted to act impulsively, which is not your usual style, but you can use any feelings of restlessness you have to make some significant changes in your life. This lunation occurs in your 1st House of Appearance and Personality so updating your look and taking a different approach toward others is likely.

Relationships are a key issue, as well, with the love planet Venus moving backwards as the year begins. Her retrograde period, which lasts until January 31, often complicates partnerships as old, unfinished business may resurface. Reconnecting with someone from the past is also possible, but what's most important is to clarify your own desires before trying to accommodate someone else.

There is a stabilizing influence in financial and romantic matters on January 11 when Venus joins the Sun as both align favorably with your reliable ruling planet Saturn. You can earn trust and approval then by demonstrating your maturity and commitment. However, if relationships aren't rooted in ways that can fulfill your expectations, the Full Moon on January 16 should bring you some clarity.

This emotional event occurs in sensitive Cancer and your 7th House of Partners. Dealing with delicate people could be a challenge but the message is not just about being tender with others but indicates that showing your own vulnerability can be a key to intimacy. Attention shifts to resources when the Sun enters Aquarius and your 2nd House of Assets on January 19.

Keep in Mind this Month

Taking some risks with changes in your appearance, attitude and approach to others will be liberating, exciting and even fun if you think of it as an experiment and don't take it too seriously.

Key Dates for Capricorn


January 6: Competent Conversations

Discussing critical issues works well with verbal Mercury's favorable sextile with your key planet Saturn. You can find balance between taking care of business and being caring to manage personal and professional issues.

January 25: One Thing at a Time

Mental Mercury's stressful square with Saturn requires patience as ideas and information may not be flowing easily now. Narrow your focus to handle one task at a time to avoid frustration and intellectual overload.

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