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Capricorn Career Horoscope for January 2014

Evaluating your options

Your sign is a unique combination of caution and ambition. You love security but are willing to take calculated risks to advance your professional interests. This month is likely to stir up the most adventurous, restless and rebellious parts of your personality. The primary indicator of these dynamic impulses is the Capricorn New Moon on January 1. Its influence will play out for four weeks that are likely to be marked by sudden changes of circumstances and mood. Being flexible helps you to avoid over-reacting and turning a minor conflict into a major confrontation.

Revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto are challenging this Sun-Moon conjunction, which is more about breaking habits and routines than playing it safe. While dealing with your current work situation can become more stressful, the purpose of these powerful patterns is to awaken you to take a totally different approach to your career. Sitting still and putting up with a boring or repressive environment is obviously not ideal but thinking out of the box is recommended. Be innovative where you are, if you can, or with the idea of taking your talents in a very different direction.

Handling professional relationships carefully is a key to managing the strong emotions that come with the sensitive Cancer Full Moon on January 15. This dramatic event occurs in your 7th House of Partners, which makes getting along with others a must. Be gentle in your responses to colleagues, customers, bosses or potential employers. If you demonstrate genuine concern for people, you will open doors to new opportunities.

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