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Capricorn Love Horoscope for January 2014

Trouble ahead

Certain months pass quietly, with nothing too eventful as it relates to love. That makes sense. Not every second of our lives can be filled with heart-pounding encounters, love triangles or soul mate moments. But this month will likely go down in the history of your 2014 as one of the more eventful times for love. That's because Venus will continue to travel retrograde in your sign until January 31, dredging up all sorts of unresolved issues that involve your love life.

Are you in a relationship? Well then, this month holds great potential to achieve a moment of truth about your union. A testy New Moon in your sign on January 1 may prompt you to go after what you want, without much consideration for how it will affect your partner. This may involve a new career opportunity or a unilateral decision you make relating to your domestic life.

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You seem focused on achieving a position of power in order to overcompensate for a deeper internal insecurity you may struggle with. Don't fall into this trap or else your relationship may suffer! Remember, Venus Retrograde in your own sign can ignite feelings of unworthiness, of feeling unbeautiful and unappreciated. Now is the time to go within and honestly assess if your partner is contributing to these feelings, or if you're simply reflecting an unrealistic amount of self-doubt.

A Full Moon in your partnership sector on January 15 will bring everything to light regarding your relationship status. On January 31, Venus will turn direct and Jupiter will oppose Pluto across your relationship axis on the very same day. An empowering relationship will begin to thrive again, but only if you straighten things out on the inside.

If single, anticipate a month of getting it right within before you're in a position to meet someone special. The old saying "You must learn to love yourself before you can love someone else" will have special meaning for you now. The good news? You've got this.