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Gemini Horoscope: January 2014

Reassessing Relationships

Digging in and dealing with the difficult details of partnerships is the lead item on your agenda this month. The willful Sun, alluring Venus, and your clever ruling planet Mercury start the year in orderly Capricorn and your 8th House of Deep Sharing -- where clarifying your commitments is a must.

On January 1, though, the wild Capricorn New Moon occurs in this intimate part of your chart to shake, rattle and roll your relationships. Sudden changes of mood and circumstances are kicked up by a tense aspect with electrifying Uranus while another one with provocative Pluto spurs suspicion or deepens desire. Either way, you will have plenty of fresh information that's likely to alter the course of personal and professional alliances.

Fortunately, bright ideas start popping when brainy Mercury enters innovative Aquarius and your 9th House of Higher Mind on January 11. Your ability to understand and express big ideas can make you an effective spokesperson for a cause. Your powers of persuasion grow even stronger with the Sun's entry into your 9th House of Higher Mind on January 19. This ability, however, works better in public affairs than in private ones.

Slowing down to listen carefully before making your case can make a difference between success and failure on January 25 when brainy Mercury slams into a tense square with restrictive Saturn. This can block or slow communications yet could work to your advantage if you organize your thoughts carefully before expressing them. This kind of self-control could be vital to a key connection as there will probably be some unfinished relationship business until sociable Venus turns forward in Capricorn on January 31.

Keep in Mind this Month

When you are in doubt about your feelings it's better to remain silent until you think through the ramifications of what you are about to say.

Key Dates for Gemini


January 6-7: Smooth Operator

Mercury's favorable sextile with realistic Saturn gives your words more authority on January 6 and your cerebral planet's conjunction with magnetic Venus on January 7 demonstrates your verbal charms.

January 16: Brilliant Insights

An expressive sextile between Mercury and ingenious Uranus reveals unexpected ideas and information that solve problems and show off your original thinking.

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