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Gemini Love Horoscope for January 2014

Focus on the heart

Love matters will be pivotal this month. You'll be busy reflecting on your approach to intimacy, and any difficulties you may have in this area. That's because Venus, the planet of love, will be retrograde all month long in your 8th House of Depth – emotional and physical. In addition, a New Moon will highlight this part of your chart on January 1, bringing it into even sharper focus. This is the area of your chart where you share resources with another person in the most significant way. It's where you get naked not just physically, but on that soul level.

If you've been struggling with revealing your vulnerable side to your mate, this Venus Retrograde phase may prove to be quite the teacher for you. Suddenly, you may find that you've got nowhere left to hide. This may be particularly true on January 16, when you and your sweetheart have a true lovers quarrel about "keeping it real" in your relationship.

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Don't let that scare you; allow it to comfort you. For you'll have an opportunity to discover what your relationship is truly made of over the next month. When your lover sees beneath the gloss of beauty you show everyone on the outside and looks into the darker and sometimes uglier parts of your psyche, it is the ultimate test of the strength of your union. Allow your mate to see beneath your beauty this month, because it'll be the only way to know for sure if what you share together is truly striking.