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Leo Love Horoscope for January 2014

Office affairs

If you're starting 2014 caught up in an office romance, you can expect a fair amount of your attention to focus on how your love life is now affecting your work life.

It appears that at least one of your colleagues is not a fan of your budding relationship, and he or she will voice this lack of support loudly at the New Moon on January 1. This is an angry lunation, filled with tense aspects in the sky. While a New Moon does traditionally reveal opportunity, you may find that a work-related opportunity is being sabotaged by this coworker, who is either jealous of your office romance or feels it will get in the way of your work performance.

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You're likely to spend a large portion of the month in "damage control" mode, trying to assure higher ups that you're still fantastic at what you do and deserve that assignment.

Another potential manifestation of this lunation is that, although you and your sweetheart may have met at work, the atmosphere at the office has become so unsupportive of your love affair that one or both of you will decide to leave. Again, the tension is there, but so is the opportunity. If you want to find new work, the two weeks following this lunation will be ideal to polish up your resume and begin the interview process.

If you're single, this month may be one of quiet reflection when it comes to love. Venus Retrograde isn't over until January 31, and you may decide to work on loving yourself by taking better care of your health. After January 31, you might meet someone new at the gym!