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Libra Horoscope: January 2014


Signals are mixed this month as the pressure to buckle down and take care of business is countered by your needs for freedom and stimulation. The action starts on January 1 with the New Moon in Capricorn. This ordinarily organized event occurs in your 4th House of Roots, reminding you that success starts at home. Putting your living space in order and dealing with family issues should be your priorities.

Yet being inventive is a must since sticking to old rules and plans is not easy with this wild and wooly New Moon. Eccentric Uranus, provocative Pluto, aggressive Mars and expansive Jupiter make tense angles to this Sun-Moon conjunction to spring surprises and evoke powerful feelings. Making changes in your habits now lays a foundation for taking your career in a positive direction later.

Venus, your romantic ruling planet, begins 2014 in reverse. Her retrograde cycle, which lasts until January 31, is a time to review relationships and re-evaluate your assets. Thinking about someone from your past and, perhaps, even reconnecting with this person is possible. If you have a partner now, finding ways to renew passion should be a priority. Tapping into unused artistic abilities and social skills are also potential benefits of Venus' backwards period.

Creative thinking grows when brainy Mercury enters innovative Aquarius and your expressive 5th House of Expression on January 11 and your heart opens when the Sun lights up this romantic part of your chart on January 19. Your playful spirit is driven by imagination and will make it so much easier to have fun and get attention during the next 30 days.

Keep in Mind this Month

Sticking to the old ways of running your life appears to be the responsible thing to do, but if you're truly committed to personal and professional fulfillment, taking chances is more likely to work.

Key Dates for Libra


January 7: Smooth Operator

A conjunction between verbal Mercury and alluring Venus invites sweet conversations. You will be able to discuss delicate issues in a gracious manner and have the keen eye of an artist who can find beauty in almost any situation.

January 11: Value Added

Vivacious Venus backs over the Sun while both planets align favorably with responsible Saturn. This puts your feet on the ground without locking you into an immovable position. Being reasonable earns you respect, garners trust in relationships and restores your sense of self-worth.

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