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Libra Love Horoscope for January 2014

Love is a journey

As we begin the year, you may not feel quite "yourself." This is because Venus, your ruling planet, will be traveling retrograde until January 31. With your powers of attraction and grace stumbling in the dark, it may feel difficult to get much off the ground -- especially when it comes to romance.

Indeed, this is not an ideal time to begin a brand new love relationship, so if you meet someone you feel is worth dating, consider making January a month to test the waters and get to know each other slowly, as friends. Once Venus Retrograde is over it'll be a strong and positive time to begin a new romantic relationship, and you'll be glad knowing that you waited until the planet of love was in a position to shower you with blessings. In fact, a shiny New Moon in your romance sector on January 30 will open the door wide for love by month's end. It'll all be worth the wait!

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If you're in a relationship, testy connections in the sky may bring quarrels between you and your partner on January 1-2. It appears that the fuss has everything to do with a domestic dispute, and this situation may come to a head around January 16. The two of you may have a bit of extra work to do together in order to reach a place of family bliss, but the good news is that you're both willing to fight for what -- and who -- you love.