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Pisces Career Horoscope for January 2014

Keep your cool

Maintaining harmony with colleagues could be a challenge this month. The New Moon in usually orderly Capricorn rocks your 11th House of Teamwork on January 1 with effects that will ripple through your professional life for at least two weeks. Rebellious Uranus and provocative Pluto stress this Sun-Moon conjunction to spring surprises and stir up powerful feelings among co-workers. You might question the value of what you do and, if you can't find inspiration in your job, seeking it elsewhere makes sense. Maybe it comes from volunteering for a cause you care about rather than from an income producing occupation.

Aggressive Mars' harsh square with expansive Jupiter on January 8 can stir up anger or spur you to take on more than you can handle. Stretching yourself to manage additional tasks is fine as long as you figure out where you are able to save time and energy to do it properly. Creativity can soar with the Cancer Full Moon in your 5th House of Self-Expression on January 15. Ideally, this transit helps you to use your emotions to make compelling presentations.

It's useful to rehearse what you're going to say when seeking a job, promotion or trying to sell an idea because your confidence and comfort level may determine how well others respond to you. The month ends with your traditional ruling planet Jupiter opposing Pluto on January 31, a weeklong transit that can lead you to extremes. Take your feelings and cut them in half to have a more realistic picture of the challenges and opportunities that you're facing then.

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