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Pisces Love Horoscope for January 2014

Push and pull

You might experience a tug-of-war in your love life this month that has to do with a friend and your sweetheart.

If one of your pals isn't as enthusiastic about your lover as you are, it's possible you'll begin to take this personally. A standoff is possible as early as January 1-2. Your position is that you are free to love whomever you choose -- and that's final! Your friend has other ideas. He or she might feel you're in over your head with an impossible romance. As difficult as this may be, take a step back to consider whether or not your friend has a valid point. Is there anything unhealthy or unsavory about your love connection? If, for example, you've fallen into the role of savior, it's possible that your lover is taking advantage of you -- without you seeing it clearly. Do your best to view the current atmosphere of your love life with realism.

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In rare cases, however, it is possible that one of your friends is simply trying to sabotage your happiness. Perhaps he or she is even attracted to your lover -- or you for that matter! Try to get to the root cause of the disconnect between you, your friend and his or her feelings about your love life. The Full Moon on January 15 may provide the missing piece of the puzzle you've been searching for. Thankfully, by January 31, any power struggle will come to a head. Keep your integrity intact, even if you decide to move on with one less friend or without your lover.