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Sagittarius Career Horoscope for January 2014

High energy

On January 1 the New Moon in Capricorn sets off fireworks in your 2nd House of Resources. The next 28 days could bring surprises and stressful situations when it comes to cash flow and self-worth. Avoid making major expenditures unless it's absolutely essential. Your needs for equipment, travel or training, no matter how well researched, could change in an instant. Stay flexible to alter your course if this kind of situation arises.

From a positive perspective, the complexity of this ambitious New Moon might lead you to a different job or an entirely different line of work. It's not wrong to consider a radical shift of professional direction, but follow up any sudden inspiration with careful planning to ensure a successful transition. Enthusiasm will be high early in the month as your expansive ruling planet Jupiter opposes mental Mercury on January 2 and makes the same optimistic aspect to the Sun on January 5. There is a risk of promising or expecting too much, so use this period to broaden your vision of the future and to reach out and make connections without going overboard in what you say.

Energetic Mars' tense square with Jupiter on January 8 is also about pushing too far, perhaps even too fast. If you're frustrated, anger could arise, but it's clearly wiser to use this passion to advance your education and skills rather than blaming or berating others. The Sun's shift into Aquarius on January 19 pours bright ideas into your 3rd House of Information and Communication, making the subsequent 30 days excellent for learning, connecting and sharing your message.

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