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Scorpio Career Horoscope for January 2014

Be realistic

Communication could be a critical issue in your professional life as the month begins. That's because the controlling Capricorn New Moon lands in your 3rd House of Information Flow on January 1. Normally, this would signal increasing opportunities to learn and to connect with people, which might still be the case. But the four-week impact of this event might be filled with surprises and emotional extremes as shocking Uranus, potent Pluto and assertive Mars make challenging aspects to this Sun-Moon conjunction.

Shooting from the hip is not recommended with this explosive alignment, particularly when it's about a significant work-related issue. Maintaining confidentiality and carefully selecting what you say and who you say it to can make the difference between a breakthrough and a breakdown in trust. Sure, your mind may be blazing with ideas and opinions that are important to you, but being selective and subtle is highly recommended. You can, though, use these powerful forces to open your mind to radical concepts that could alter your professional future. Interest in unusual subjects and trying out temporary jobs in unconventional fields should be fun and rewarding.

Your energetic ruling planet Mars forms a tense 90-degree square with expansive Jupiter on January 8 that could push you past the limits of caution and common sense. Taking on more than you can handle, promising too much or speaking too bluntly are possible hazards. Still, if you're charged up with enthusiasm but can be patient in acting upon it, you will create opportunities for more meaningful work.

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