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Scorpio Love Horoscope for January 2014

Communication effort

You may begin the month fumbling as you search for the right words to say to your lover. That's because Venus Retrograde travels through your communication sector until January 31. While this will be a great time to resolve old ideas about love that are no longer serving your highest good, it may prove difficult if you need to broach a topic with your mate that will affect your future together.

If there's a vital conversation you hope to have, it might be better to wait until January 6-7. Although Venus will still be napping, there's still a strong possibility that you'll make progress in your dialogue. In fact, this will be an ideal time to revisit a financial situation that concerns the both of you.

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Or, you might simply have an honest talk about your feelings for one another -- what they used to be and how they have evolved. This doesn't have to be a negative conversation. In fact, it appears quite positive. You're taking matters of the heart quite seriously, and if you do tell someone you're in love, it will only be if you mean it with every breath you take. Declaring love isn't something you treat lightly, and it'll be even more so this month.

On January 11, you might feel quite confident when it comes to making plans in partnership, and you might even reach a mutually beneficial agreement about finances or your commitment to one another. If, for example, you're getting married, you might agree to sign a pre-nuptial agreement to protect the financial assets each of you accumulated before you got together. That would be a perfect way to use this type of energy. You may also decide to put your individual homes up for sale and pool your money together to purchase something new. A promising New Moon on January 30 will be quite favorable for you when it comes to real estate matters.