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Virgo Horoscope: January 2014

A Frenzy of Fun

Romantic and creative interests are bound to keep you busy this month. The fun starts with the Capricorn New Moon on January 1 that lands in your 5th House of Self-Expression and Play. This is usually a somewhat serious event when you establish plans and stick to them. But this Sun-Moon conjunction is a weird and intense event due to strong influences from unruly planets. Rebellious Uranus, provocative Pluto, aggressive Mars, and limitless Jupiter all make stressful connections that are likely to stir unexpected responses.

You're looking for action to make your personal life more interesting and may take uncharacteristic risks to get it. All of that will be fine as long as you can tell the difference between having a good time and making a serious commitment. Keeping things on the light and playful side gives you the flexibility to explore actions and emotions without getting into trouble.

Your cerebral ruling planet Mercury enters Aquarius and your 6th House of Employment on January 11, followed there by the Sun on January 19. These transits have the potential to make your job more interesting, which better happen because you're likely to be bored if it doesn't. Your mind needs more stimulation now, making this a good time to learn some new skills or start a hobby. But you can also use this intelligent energy to come up with more effective systems in your professional and personal lives.

On January 31 lovable Venus ends her backward cycle (retrograde) in your 6th house, which should help you to smooth out work relationships and make it easier to find new career connections in the weeks to come.

Keep in Mind this Month

Giving yourself the freedom to be more like a kid is healthy for you now while stifling the desire to relax and play with more passion is not.

Key Dates for Virgo


January 2: Big Words

Verbal Mercury's opposition to outgoing Jupiter encourages honest communication and spurs big ideas. Just be aware that not everyone is ready to hear your version of the truth or promises that aren't ready to be delivered.

January 24-25: Get the Facts

Your thinking is sharp with Mercury's constructive trine to Mars on January 24. But you're going to have to commit to and find evidence to turn bright ideas into reality when Saturn squares Mercury on January 25.

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