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Virgo Love Horoscope for January 2014

A new approach

As we head into 2014, love is likely to be your main focus -- for better or worse. Venus Retrograde travels through your romance sector all month. This is a rare, but important phase that will encourage you to revise your approach to relationships and re-evaluate your requirements in love. Ask yourself: What do I deserve? Have you been cheating yourself?

If you start the new year feeling unappreciated or not as loved by your sweetheart, a New Moon on January 1 may lead to an argument about the balance of resources in your relationship. Perhaps you feel as if you're carrying an unfair share of the financial burden in the partnership. Or, if you and your lover are not sharing resources, it's possible you'll question whether or not your sweetheart is with you for YOU, or if this is simply a physical connection. A purely sexual relationship may not satisfy you now ... it might actually leave you feeling more vulnerable in matters of the heart.

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At the Full Moon on January 15, you'll gain a striking level of clarity about your ability to truly receive love. Have you built up a wall in this department? If so, it'll be time to tear it down if you hope to experience that healthy, fulfilling love connection. Thankfully, by January 31, Venus Direct will open up the floodgates for this to happen. Happiness in love is more than possible this year Virgo, if only you decide you're worth it first.