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January 2015 Horoscope

Connect with compassion

Happy New Year!

2015 begins with much promise, and one of the most vital areas of your life to focus on as we launch a brand-new year will be your family. A testy but potentially awakening Full Moon on January 4 in Cancer will make you aware of how much domestic security you truly have. Is your clan there for each other through thick and thin? Or are there a few wrinkles to iron out between you and relatives? Now is the time to make changes that will ultimately leave you and your family more secure and closer.

On January 12 Mars enters Pisces, and remains in this sign until February 19. Now, your greatest weapon will be your intuition. Use it wisely.

A New Moon in Aquarius on January 20 will help set the stage for initiating one of your greatest hopes. Mercury turns retrograde in the same sign the very next day though, suggesting that before you leap forward with these new plans, a few revisions are in order.

Venus enters Pisces on January 27 and remains there until February 20. Matters of the heart become spiritual, idealistic and more compassionate during this time. Forgiveness and a willingness to lead with an open heart will pave the way for the type of love you always dreamed of.