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January 2015 Love Horoscopes

The possibilities are endless

2015 is a brand new year, and that means a fresh start in all areas -- including matters of the heart!

On January 4, a Full Moon in tender Cancer will receive a few stressful aspects, calling your attention to where in your emotional life you are most dissatisfied. If it happens to be your romantic world, it'll become clear that a change is required. Why? You deserve to be happy!

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Then, on January 12, Mars will enter Pisces, where he'll remain until February 19. You'll be motivated to pursue a physical relationship with your mate that's also more aligned to your spirituality. Consider practicing tantric sex or taking yoga or mediation classes with your mate. It'll improve your relationship dramatically!

Venus will enter Pisces on January 27, adding to the urge for a true soul mate union with someone special. You'll also feel a greater sense of compassion for your lover, and you may want to go the extra mile to help him or her if you sense there's any personal suffering.

Just remember: Unconditional love doesn't mean you need to be a doormat. Don't allow your lover to take advantage of you -- it'll only lead to resentment on your part and confusion on your mate's part. We teach people how to treat us. Nowhere is this statement truer than in love.

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