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Aquarius Horoscope: January 2015

A fresh start

This year might feel like it's starting off on the wrong foot, but if so, keep moving. Positive change is on the horizon!

Yes, an unhappy Full Moon on January 4 might be a cause for concern at the work place. You might hear about one of your colleagues losing his or her job. If you are the boss, it's possible that you will need to make some staffing changes going into the New Year -- never an easy situation. Another possibility is that you might lose out on a major freelance assignment or other project you've been looking forward to. If that happens, don't look down. Eyes ahead!

You'll have plenty of assertive energy to put toward enhancing your financial picture this month. From January 12 to February 19, Mars will move through your 2nd House of Income. This will help you actively pursue any endeavor that can increase your cash flow. While you might also have one or two aggravating expenses to address, the good news is that you will also have the resourcefulness to ensure you meet them. After January 27 you might receive an absolute blessing in the money department and if so, it's all thanks to your bravado.

The real news for you this month however, is the New Moon on January 20 in your sign. This is your once-a-year personal fresh start! Begin whatever it is that is most important to you now, whether it's professional, personal or even a physical change. The slight rub in the picture is that Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign the very next day, and will remain backward until February 11. You might stumble over your words as you initiate this new chapter in your life, but that's OK ... editing isn't the hard part, starting the chapter is. With the New Moon you will have all the tools you need to get started -- on your terms.