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Aries Horoscope: January 2015

Close to home

Home and family matters will require your attention as the New Year begins. It appears that you're emotionally invested in making things right when it comes to your domestic security -- and that's a good thing. In order to achieve this however, you will be required to make a change that feels uncomfortable. Know that it's the right thing to do and that ultimately, you'll see this.

On January 12 your ruler, Mars, will enter the most private part of your chart -- the elusive 12th House of Solitude. Until February 19 you may notice that you have better success working behind the scenes and cultivating your inner strength instead of than trying to push ahead using your muscle.

A bright New Moon on January 20 will open up doors to social opportunity. You may also begin planting seeds to help you achieve one of your most important aspirations. The very next day however, Mercury turns retrograde, and until February 11 when he turns direct, you might have a few adjustments to make. Don't worry; you'll get there.

After January 27 romance becomes a private affair. Until February 20 you may spend time soul searching about the current state of your love life. If you're chasing an unrealistic dream with the wrong person, it's time to be honest. Cultivate the courage and faith to be true to your heart.