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Cancer Love Horoscope for January 2015

Unfinished business

Your emotions might get the best of you as the New Year begins, and you know what? That's OK. You are not willing to compromise who you are at your core for anything -- not even love. And you shouldn't need to, because if someone truly loves you he or she will love you for that core of your being. In your case, Cancer, that includes being an emotional, and sometimes moody, introspective soul.

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The Full Moon in your sign on January 4 will sharpen the already rough edges of your feelings about a certain situation connected to your relationship dynamic. If you're with a partner who accepts you for who you are, then he or she will unswervingly support you during this time of reawakening to your personal essence. If not, well, you'll have a few decisions to make about life and love.

After January 20, you'll be ready to tackle new terrain with your mate in the intimacy department. You'll want to reach new heights, physically, psychologically, and even financially in your relationship, but before you do any of this it'll soon become clear that you have some unfinished business from the past to muddle through together.

Perhaps you and your partner will focus on ways to become more financially empowered together. In order to do so you'll need to recap how you've handled money together in the past. What mistakes need correcting? Or, it's possible that you are both willing and ready to make a change in your intimate life so you can enjoy a deeper level of physical and emotional contact. But first, a few past hurts need to be made right. Whatever the details, you'll feel ready to tackle what's necessary to turn the page on the story of your life. Especially the love story.

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