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Leo Horoscope: January 2015

Doing the work

The New Year might start off on a quiet note. Near the Full Moon on January 4, you might feel a strong desire to take time alone in order to reflect on your life and what is most important to you. Don't underestimate the power of nourishing your spirit and doing a little bit of inner work. It'll lay the foundation for what can become an incredible 2015.

From January 12 to February 19, Mars will move through your 8th House of Taxes, Credit and Shared Resources. You might have a bit of aggravation this tax season, or you might discover that your credit score is where you'd like it. Use these weeks to take care of any frustrating situations that might crop up concerning your financial health. Fortunately, after January 27 Venus will move into this same area of your chart, helping you find solutions ... and money!

On January 20 a New Moon will fall in your 7th House of Partnership. This will open up the possibility for you to forge an alliance in business or in your personal life. Keep in mind that Mercury will turn retrograde in this same area of your chart on January 21, so expect a slight delay before you actually get this partnership off the ground. Use the retrograde phase to clarify what you and your prospective partner each expect to give and receive from the union. Then, after February 11 when Mercury turns direct, feel free to sign on the dotted line.