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Pisces Horoscope: January 2015

The boost you need

Your love life might need some TLC as the New Year begins. If you and your lover are going through a rough patch, it's possible that you'll decide to start 2015 without each other. Another possibility is that you are very much in love with your sweetheart, but a situation arises that essentially becomes the first real test to the strength of your union. Will you survive? It's obviously a combination of free will and how much you're willing to work for the love you have. If it's worth it to you both, you'll find a way. There is a way back to paradise -- even when trouble shows up!

What makes your resolve even stronger is that on January 12 Mars will move into your sign, and will remain there until February 19. This once-every-two-years transit is your ace in the hole. Now, you'll have all the stamina and courage you need to push ahead with anything you desire. Whether it's fighting for your relationship, career progress, or a personal endeavor, you'll have plenty of fuel to keep you going!

Then, on January 27 you'll have Venus entering your sign as well. Now, you'll enjoy a dose of grace and beauty to go along with your bravado. Until February 20 you'll have plenty of allure and can attract what you want without such a fight. Use this month's cosmic mojo well!