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Pisces Love Horoscope for January 2015

An awakening

Matters of the heart might be a sore spot for you as January begins. That's because a tender Full Moon will occur in your true love sector on January 4, and this lunation packs quite a punch. In fact, it'll likely hit you in the gut if there's any trouble in your love life. You might be over-emotional during this time, and if you make decisions strictly based on emotions, you're likely to react rather than actually choose your outcome. In this instance, you'll only wind up being controlled by your emotions instead of empowered by them.

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Ultimately, if you and someone special are going through a rough patch, this Full Moon will make you painfully aware of what needs to change if the love connection is meant to be salvaged. In some cases you might have an awakening that makes you realize you simply are not meant to be with this person. It's time to be honest with yourself and figure out if you're with someone because you're truly in love or if it's more of an attachment. You'll know the answer in your heart.

Fortunately, on January 12 and until February 19, you'll enjoy a boost in courage and conviction to make any changes you deem necessary for your ultimate benefit. Mars will be in your sign during this time, helping you initiate new projects and personal goals. One way or another you'll fight for what you want in relationship matters. Venus enters your sign on January 27, adding a touch of beauty and charm to your vibe. You'll attract others your way without even trying.

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