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Scorpio Horoscope: January 2015

Coming to a head

If you're starting the year trying your best to finish up a course of study or a legal matter, there might be some stress attached to it. Fortunately, you will still have the chance to complete this, despite any frustration. You might be distracted with work or a health situation that keeps you from focusing on a looming court case or completion of a degree or certification. Whatever the details, the Full Moon on January 4 might bring things to a head, and you'll know that it's time to end this matter once and for all.

From January 12 to February 19 you'll be motivated to pursue pleasure in a more assertive way with Mars moving through your 5th House of True Love. Romance, entertainment, and yes, sex, will be high on your list of priorities now. This will be a great time to welcome any kind of activity that gets your pulse racing again -- it's time to feel alive. On January 27 and until February 20, matters of the heart are extremely supported for you thanks to love planet Venus joining Mars in your 5th house. Single Virgos might meet someone special, and if you're attached, expect butterflies and sparks from your partner all over again!

On January 20 there might be a new development in your family life or relating to your living situation. Expect a few hiccups in the flow of its progress from until February 11, thanks to Mercury's retrograde. Still, a fresh start is possible.