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Scorpio Love Horoscope for January 2015

Don't be shy

Your love life is about to heat up! On January 12, Mars will enter your 5th House of Romance, pleasure and sexual excitement. Mars remains here until February 19, and during this time you'll notice that the pursuit of pleasure becomes your top priority! It'll feel good to go after what -- and who -- you want with wild abandon. In fact, you haven't had a cycle like this in nearly two years, so feel free to enjoy it to the max!

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While this transit may provide plenty of zeal for you in matters of the heart, at the same time there is one day to watch out for. On January 15, Mars will square off with Saturn, and your advances might be rejected. You might take a hit in the self-confidence department on this day if you push too hard, so do yourself a favor and allow others to come to you on this day instead of blazing forward in hot pursuit.

On January 19, you and someone special might feel absolute enchantment in the romance department. Mars and Neptune will collide in your 5th house, and it's also possible that a sexual fantasy will become a reality. Don't be shy!

Love planet Venus will enter your 5th house on January 27, joining in on the romantic potential. Whether you're single or attached, the first month of the New Year will surely be memorable as one filled with pleasure and heart-pounding possibilities. Make the most of it!

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