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Taurus Horoscope: January 2015

Everything is buzzing

Choose your words carefully near January 4 when a testy Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication may leave you with no other choice but to speak from the heart. While that's typically a good thing, in this instance you might be so filled with emotion that you are unable to censor yourself in any way. As a result, you may reveal information that you later wish you hadn't.

Another possibility during this Full Moon time is that one of your siblings will need your emotional support. He or she might be going through a difficult time and it may be something that you didn't even know about until now. You'll be there to help -- that's for certain.

From January 12 to February 19 you might notice that your social life picks up. There might be more parties or events to attend, and you might even have an opportunity to take advantage of a radio or television appearance if that makes sense for you professionally. This could also be an Internet-related opportunity such as a Webinar or YouTube video campaign. The only caveat is that you might encounter more technical difficulties than you bargained for. Mercury will turn retrograde on January 21, and remains so until February 11. Exercise your signature patience during this time and you'll make it through.

Still, career matters will shine thanks to a glorious New Moon on January 20 in your professional 10th House of Career. With Mercury turning retrograde the next day in this part of your chart, it appears that an opportunity you thought was dead news is about to revive itself. Give it your all!

In matters of the heart, on January 27 Venus will enter your 11th House of Friends, adding plenty of opportunity for romance through your social interactions. Enjoy this boost until February 20.