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Virgo Love Horoscope for January 2015

All pumped up

You're likely to begin the New Year feeling pumped up about your love life and relationship potential. The real motivation begins on January 12, when Mars enters your 7th House of Partnership. Mars remains in this part of your chart until February 19, and during this time you'll have all the courage and fuel you need to fight for a relationship that's meaningful to you.

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While you'll display plenty of bravado and show your mate how proactive you can be, at the same time if there is any tension between you and your love it's likely to come out during this time. Mars through the 7th house is famous for turning your passionate and argumentative side in overdrive. Keep this in mind if you find yourself feeling less patient and testier with your sweetie. The absolute best way to utilize this energy is to work with your partner toward a mutual goal. This could be in business or in your personal life, but whatever you do it's time to remember that your mate is NOT the enemy.

Love planet Venus will enter your relationship sector on January 27, and until February 20 you'll have a buffer of grace to help you and your love move past any quarrels Mars led you to instigate. On January 30, Venus will square-off with Saturn, and it's possible you and your partner will feel that family obligations are sapping the romance out of your lives. The good news is that on the same day Mars will be a gorgeous angle to Pluto. No matter what, you'll find time to ease your mutual frustrations in the bedroom.

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