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January 2016 Love Horoscope

Love is in the air

January promises to be an eventful month when it comes to love. Mars, the planet of energy and drive, will move into sexy Scorpio on January 3, remaining in this sign until March 5. As a result, you'll start 2016 feeling motivated to probe deeper into your romantic relationship. You want to know what really makes your partner tick and you won't be afraid to find out. Superficial connections won't do it for you now, so if you're in a casual affair, you might feel less than satisfied.

On January 5, Venus will square Neptune and there might be a disappointment in store for you if you've been overlooking a serious flaw in your relationship. It'll surely be time to pay the piper in matters of the heart by January 8, when Venus and Saturn conjunct each other. You will either commit to working through any differences in ideology with your mate, or realize that you're so far apart on life philosophy that it's a deal breaker.

A Full Moon in Leo on January 23, promises heartfelt moments but you aren't likely to simply squander them. Venus moves into sober Capricorn on the same day and demands that love is approached in a more cautious and realistic manner. On January 30, Venus will be at a friendly angle to Neptune. You're likely to end the month to be feeling extremely hopeful about your love life not in spite of the recent reality check, but because of it.

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