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Aries Horoscope: January 2016

Stay on track

When your ruling planet Mars changes signs, you tend to jump up and take notice. This month will be no different. On January 3 and until March 5, Mars will move through Scorpio trekking through your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources. This will help motivate you to achieve a deeper, richer and more meaningful sex life with your partner.

The desire to merge and connect both physically and psychologically will help give you the courage to reveal a part of you that you might have previously tucked away. This will ultimately strengthen the bond you and your mate share. Another possibility while Mars is moving through this part of your chart, is that you'll ambitiously pursue strategies to help you gain traction financially.

In other news, Mercury will travel retrograde between January 5 and January 25. After January 8, it might feel difficult to gain the full attention of your boss or another VIP. You might not express yourself in the manner you fully intend to during this time, so if possible, hold off on vital meetings connected to your career.

Instead, re-assess your professional goals and determine whether or not you're on track to achieve them. An amazing plan of action will go smoothly this month in relation to your career thanks to a New Moon on January 9, followed by Venus entering your career sector on January 23. Once Mercury turns direct on January 25, you'll easily maximize any professional opportunity that reveals itself.

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